Maxxam Brings Teams Together

jpritchard    February 9, 2018

Maxxam Analytics is Canada’s market leading provider of analytical and scientific testing services for the energy, environmental food and genetics industries. The company has over 2400 employees in 38 offices and labs across Canada. The challenge was to bring together this distributed team of experts and lab based roles to share knowledge and best practices and to deliver the best solution for the clients.

This previously wasn’t easily accomplished at Maxxam, due to limitations of their intranet software. “We wanted an intranet that could bring teams together based on better search functionality, a complete people and skills directory, shared work spaces for teams and social tools such as discussion forums for knowledge sharing.”, says Corinna Bork, Maxxam’s Director of Communications.


Maxxam evaluated several intranet platforms and ultimately decided on Interact’s “Catalyst” which gives geographically dispersed employees a single point of access to all of the resources they need. “Teams can get a wealth of contact from our Interact homepage, including links to commonly used systems such as our laboratory management system, HR system, finance system and so on,” says Bork. They can also access a library of useful documents, including HR forms and procedural documents, regulatory guidelines and more.”


The intranet also provides a comprehensive people directory that lists the skills of each team member, as well as their contact details. ” Clients often ask if we have people with specific skills, from toxicity testing to ultra-trace analytics to oil sands testing” says Bork. Now people can document their individual skills by checking expertise boxes in the Interact People Directory.

The Interact intranet provides for a real-time communications platform across Maxxam. The communications team can also disseminate important information across the business more quickly and effectively with Interact. Bork continues, “If a scientist in Montreal discovers a new, more efficient way of doing something, they can talk about it on Catalyst. Colleagues in Regina or Burnaby can find out what’s working best and change their processes accordingly – it all feeds into improved efficiency and better services for customers.”

Lessons for Others

With Interact, Maxxam is building a new, more collaborative future, one step at a time. Bork concludes, “Interact has already helped us achieve improvements in terms of collaboration and knowledge sharing. A quarter of all our people are now contributors, whether they are liking or sharing something on the intranet, or making or commenting on a post. This is really impressive considering how many staff are based in labs and not always online.”

Organization: Maxxam Analytics
Industry: Analytical & Scientific Testing Services
Name of Organization Contact: Corinna Bork

Authored by: J Pritchard

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