Davishill Nursery: Everything is Coming Up “Kittens!”

Jason    July 2, 2014


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Organization Name: Davishill Nursery

Industry: Garden Centre / Nursery

Name of Contact: Jeff Davis, Owner

DH-FB1Davishill Nursery has had a website for many years and recently planted the seed of social media.  It started with a Facebook entry.

As you can see, it was a shot of some bright blossoms in Walkerton, Ontario.

Voila, just like that, Davishill Nursery’s Facebook page took root.  The post got some attention.  10 people “Liked” the picture and then it was time for pic 2.

The obvious choice would have been to post another flower.  People were eager for some spring colour and Jeff has a lot of shots that he could use.  But, he decided to post a picture of his shop cat, “Turnip.”Turnip

Well… this changed everything.  The pic was a hit and a star was born! Jeff told me that he was very pleasantly surprised with the reaction:

Who knew that putting a little kitten on Facebook would result in 627 people being reached with a single post! – Jeff Davis, Owner of Davishill Nursery.

Turnip was quickly liked by almost twice as many people as the first post and all signs indicated that this would be a direction worth pursuing.  It was time to crank up the volume and gage the results.

Three KittensIf one kitten could double a post about flowers, let’s see what three kittens can do.

Not only did the “Likes” and the reach increase, now people were starting to add comments.  This post generated four comments and once again all indicators showed that this was what people wanted.

Well, sometimes the world has a way of doing someone a favour and little “Turnip” grew up and became pregnant.  Wouldn’t you know it, she had SEVEN sweet kittens.  It was a story that people wanted to hear and the kittens dominated the Davishill Facebook page throughout the spring.  Almost as soon as they were posted, the “Likes” came pouring in. Napping Kittens

As the kittens grew up, their story developed.  People were talking about the kittens in the grocery store…people who had never stepped foot in Davishill Nursery were following this story.

The phenomenon of cat pictures has been well documented and Meowster even dedicates an entire podcast to the top cat pictures on the Internet.  You can hear the podcasts by clicking on the link below:

Cat Podcast

When I asked Jeff why he decided to create a facebook page, as he already had a website page and a mobile website, he said that people told him he should be on facebook.  His staff and his customers expected to find him on social media and he listened to them.  Here’s a brief video I shot, while visiting Davishill Nursery on Canada Day:

Lessons for Others: Creating a successful Facebook following is simple.  You find out what works and simply do more of what works.  If something is commented on, shared, talked about and popular, consider the post a success.  Duplicate and develop a story from the successful posts.

If Davishill Nursery had not measured the results of their posts, they would not have been as successful in engaging with customers.  All logic suggested that pictures of beautiful plants would be the best fit for a garden centre.  Yet, it was the kittens that got the most attention.  Davishill discovered this early, and by keeping a close eye on the metrics of their page, they produced content that people wanted to read and share.


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