“The Fault in Our Stars” is Exploding on Social Media. How 20th Century Fox Engages Customers with a Stellar Social Media Campaign.

Jason    June 7, 2014


Organization Name: 20th Century Fox

Industry: Entertainment

“The Fault In Our Stars” appeared as a suggested post one day in my facebook feed.  Immediately, the trailer popped up and I was hooked.  This style of Social Media Marketing is so effective.  I couldn’t take my eyes off it!  See for yourself:

When I wanted to learn more about this movie, I went to google.  Quickly I discovered how much was already available on social media.  Hours after launch, it was possible for me to get rewarded for sharing the post through Social Rewards and I found that it was trending on twitter:

The Fault In Our Stars Twitter

I also discovered the day the movie was released, as it was posted to facebook:

The Fault In Our Stars Now Playing

Almost instantly, potential customers started reacting to the posts.  Timing was everything!  People were uploading recommendations and it went viral:

TFIOS - Customer Engagement

The social media campaign was such a success that media companies started to report on the social media fever!  Ranking sites, including Social Mention quickly placed “The Fault In Our Stars” at the top of their lists.

So, how did 20th Century Fox encourage this social media success happen? 

  • They were quick out of the gate.  Before the movie was even released, they used social media to build hype.  They used a paid campaign to reach millions.
  • They focused on the star quality of the actors who already had social media recognition:
  • They built a platform that used twitter, google+, facebook and more and linked to social media directly from the movie’s official site.  It was a powerhouse right from the start.
  • They promoted and released the official music video, before the movie was released on youTube.  Have a listen:

Lessons Learned:

If you want success…blockbuster level success…you have to include a strong social media campaign to reach your customers.  Once you reach the right people, they will help you spread the word.  They become ambassadors for you.  It’s hard to find “fault” with a campaign that puts customers first and there’s no better way to engage customers than on  social media platforms.

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