The Apple Approach to Marketing and Social Media

Carrie    July 4, 2013

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Apple’s use of social media is lacking to say the least. Compared to other companies, they don’t even have the minimal social marketing tools required to be competative within todays’ market, for example, share icons. David Moth documents how much is in fact missing, in his article The Apple approach to social media: just ignore it.

If you visit most companies online product pages these days, they are splattered with a mixture of share pages. Share icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are no longer an oddity but commonplace. However, Apple does not have any, or so it would appear! They are subtley hidden behind a drop down menu.

However, lack of social media presence certainly does not hurt Apple. This could be because of how they use social media, that is a little different than what is covered in Moth’s article. Apple uses customers to power its support and product feedback in a forum, this pre-dates everything that modern social media ‘experts’ would consider to be a social media tool.

For quite some time Apple has been known to ‘ignore’ social media and let it’s customers embrace social media on behalf of the company. In 2007 it was believed that they had to change, 6 years later they haven’t had to. That could mean that their current strategy is the ultimate win. When your customers are doing all your online marketing for you don’t need to engage.

Lessons for others

Apple is one of the most successful tech companies of all time. They have assisted in defining an industry, and have done so with little to no social media presence. This has confused many of those entering the world of the social media marketing.

The lesson to take from this is that:

  • If you are truly successful your customers will drive your social media presence.
  • There is more to social media than sharing content on popular networks.

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