Volvo: Customer Loyalty In The Era Of Social Networks

olopezme    June 6, 2013


Volvo: Customer loyalty in the era of social networks

In Business history, companies with a great prestige which have built their image with well designed and high-performance products have always existed. This is the case of the Swedish car fabricant Volvo, which has held all their reputation on two fundamental points: Safety and quality in their vehicles. Volvo was the first fabricant to implement a three-point safety belt and some of their vehicles are able to roll up to 20 years. The placement of Volvo is such that some of the vehicles have been used from generation to generation by many families worldwide.



However, times have changed and today no company can live of past glories because competition in innovation in the automotive industry gets tougher. A case study   recently issued, Volvo needed to develop a marketing strategy called “Cloud”, which integrates all communications (internal and external) in one place. That is, Volvo aims with this new approach to integrate its own social networking accounts with those of their customers, and even allow access to all those fans of the brand that have no presence in them. This strategy has allowed the involvement of the followers brand to levels that even Volvo did not expect, as discussed as participants appear in defence after an unfavourable comment appears.

In summary, the Marketing Cloud has enabled:

  • Significantly increase the interaction of his followers with the company.
  • solve comments, complaints and claims a much more efficient.
  • Listen to the voice of the customer so that their ideas are transmitted to the design department.
  • Deepen emotional relationships that generates the brand among its customers.

Submitted By: Oscar Fernando Lopez, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo.

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