Cisco Wants To Communicate With Their Customers

olopezme    June 13, 2013


If there is a company that knows communications, that company is CISCO. If there is a company that knows how to make that its other companies can interact quickly and efficiently with their customers, that company is CISCO. If there is a company that knows how to make people interact simultaneously with clients, colleagues, friends and family, that company is Cisco.



CISCO has a worldwide recognition for being a leader in the manufacturing and product development of high-tech communication. CISCO however has never stopped listening to its customers as they are part of the design process, innovation, and new product development or improvement of existing references. Innovation in technology industry is necessary to stay one step ahead of the trends, preferences and needs of existing and potential customers.

For them, CISCO has developed an interesting platform called Collaboration Index Tool, CIT, contact for everyone who wants to participate in the development of products by means of messages, videos and documents that can be published on the platform to be discussed and analyzed by the same users, clients, academics and generally anyone who feels an interest in these issues.

The platform Collaboration Index Tool “identifies innovative solutions that will set you on a path toward enhanced competitive advantage, increased customer loyalty, and strengthened relationships both inside and outside the organization”, as says a recent case study Cisco Case Study . Finally, is very important to list the 7 CISCO tips for the Social Media Strategy:

1. Control alienates, but conversation activates.
2. Consistent usage translates to consistent experience.
3. Technology is the backbone.
4. Authenticity prevails.
5. Relevant, concise content remains imperative.
6. Sustainable strategies reap rewards.
7. Survival still traces back to adaptation.


Submitted By: Oscar Lopez, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo.

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